The BuckTube™ Rope bag is an Ultra-Light but heavy duty Leg Mountable Rope Bag for easy access to rope when climbing.

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  • Made with heavy duty 18 oz. Vinyl with seams that are double reinforced with MOLLE webbing for easy adjustability to elastic straps.
  • Two 2” elastic straps for easy fastening to the users leg regardless of size or shape.
  • Zippered expansion sleeve and reinforced sides allow for easy stuffing of climbing line.
  • A large bottom grommet allows both ends of rope to be utilized during rescue or other operations.
  • The Drawstring closure skirt allows for easy deployment and storage while aloft.
  • Can be worn in various ways such as attached to leg or to a saddle (Saddle requires 2 carabiners).
  • Holds 150’ of 11mm Line such as Velocity, Blaze or Tachyon, 120’ of ½” High Vee or Blue streak and a plethora of other lines.

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