Brand Guidelines

Buckingham has been committed to providing the best quality products and equipment for over 100 years. So it is important that our brand and visual identity reflects the attention to detail and care we put into each product. To maintain the integrity of our visual identity, we have created guidelines that should be followed for consistency in all applications of the “Buck" brand. Before using the approved logos and assets, explore the Buck Brand Cheat Sheet to see how they are designed to work together!

Also included in the Buck Brand Cheat Sheet are the approved colors and typography.

BUCK Brand Cheat Sheet

BUCK Brand Cheat Sheet


BUCK Brand Guide

Approved Logos

Artwork files for print and vector (.eps), broadcast, web, and other uses (.jpg and .png) can be dowloaded below. For proper usage, approved brand colors and approved typography please refer to the Buck Cheat Sheet above. Buck Cheat Sheet above.

Questions about the brand guidelines?

If you have any questions about the proper usage of the "Buck" brand assets, please contact us at