BuckTree Felling Kit – KIT85

Buckingham’s Tree Felling Kit allows you to easily gain a mechanical advantage to pull trees and much more with the use of Buckingham’s side swivel pulleys and prusiks.

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Rigging a 5-1 mechanical advantage.

  • Start with one side swivel pulley at your anchor point with an attached carabineer. This will start you with a 2-1 mechanical advantage.
  • By using the “progress capturer”- with the use of the 3 wrap prusik conformed with a knot you can easily hold and maintain the progress of your pull or “hold what you earn”. This prusik will connect to the carabiner at the anchor point on the pulley.
  • Gain more advantage by tying a Buckingham side swivel pulley or a set of side swivel pulleys directly on the rope by using a “VT” prusik.
  • With the use of each side swivels “2” sheaves, you can easily gain a 5-1 mechanical advantage.
  • Buck’s side swivel pulleys reduce friction close to zero.
  • This will allow you to multiply your ability to pull by 5 times.

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