LinePro™ Tower Harness – 63992

This LinePro™ linemen’s step-in harness has been specially designed by and for the aerial line worker and is perfect for comfortable, long suspension rides and to handle the heavy workload of the line industry and is very user friendly.

The best body belt in the industry (Model 2000M) is incorporated in a state of the art tower harness, giving the user seven dee rings: dorsal dee ring, sternal dee ring, umbilical dee ring, pigtail with a dee ring, and two full float work positioning dee rings.

*Rated to 420 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.

*Meets ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements.

This harness has been arc flash tested and meets or exceeds ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements.



Harness features:

  • Shoulder pads and wide leg pads with patented quick connect buckles for added comfort
  • The harness neck features a ‘U’ designed stitch pattern making the opening wider eliminating neck irritation
  • Buckle in front and back adjust height to create a snug fit
  • Body belt is hand crafted of the highest quality leather and features a 5 1/2″ cushioned back reinforced with rawhide lace, tool loops, accessory snap and rings
  • The floating dees provide 4 inches of lateral movement
  • Belt tightens using two friction buckles in front of the work positioning dees
  • Harness is multi-functional and can be used on towers, helicopters and on wood poles.

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