BuckAdjuster™ with All Aluminum Components – 9+R-8

  • Available in 6′, 7′, 8′ and 9′.
  • Meets applicable ANSI, OSHA and ASTM standards.
  • CSA Model Available. Contact your authorized Canadian distributor.


A new lightweight version of our popular 9-8 secondary lanyard. Features an aluminum snap hook and triple-locking carabiner that meet the ANSI requirements for 3600 pound gates. At 2.2 pounds, it comes in 27% lighter than equivalent lanyards with steel hardware. Other Buckingham innovations include a twisted eye length adjusting device (LAD) to properly orient it on the users body belt and a red warning center to alert the user of excessive wear. A stitched eye allows the user to stow excess tail on a handline hook. A multicolored snaphook allows user to easily distinguish it from the snaps on the SuperSqueeze™ or BuckSqueeze™. A clear plastic tube protects the rope when in use. Overall length is 8′. Upgrade to the new and improved Buck LeverJust™ or the LeverJust™ with Tough Rope.