Buckeye Bucket Hook with Tether Connection Eye and Gate – 2410G/2410GT

Buckingham’s newly designed, patent-pending bucket hook 2410, featuring a stainless-steel wire gate with a rubber grip. The wire gate is located on the outside hook and allows for additional security of anything attached to the hook.

Order PN 2410GT to order bucket hook with tool tether (600071) included.

Non-Gated version available by ordering (2410/2410T)

Tether Connection Eye is rated as an ANSI 121 Anchor Attachment, when properly attached to the bucket and when used with an ANSI 121 rated tool tether (Buckingham PN 600071 Tool Tether)

ANSI 121 – American National Standard for Dropped Object Prevention Solutions




The bucket hook features an outside hook with a stainless-steel wire gate that provides extra security. The bucket hook also features an outside hook with a 2 ½” hook opening and a 40 lb. WLL (3:1 safety factor), two inside accessory hooks with a 15 lb. WLL (3:1 safety factor), and a ¾” inside opening. The duo hooks on the inside are great for storing extra slings, blocks, tools, etc.