Buckingham Manufacturing & RECON Dynamics

The new lanyards complete RECON’s IoT based Aerial Harness Training System and offer customers an off-the-shelf alternative to retrofitting existing lanyards.

Known as two of the most innovative companies in the industry, Buckingham and RECON Dynamics recently collaborated to produce a product that had never been done before – an ANSI/ASTM lanyard with a proximity sensor embedded in the webbing – adding a new lanyard option for companies that outfit their bucket trucks with the RECON system.

Buckingham’s patent pending BuckYard Proximity Lanyard and BuckYard Stretch Proximity Lanyard are designed to provide the same level of protection as every other Buckingham product with one difference; the embedded proximity sensor completes RECON’s patented Aerial Harness Training System. These lanyards are the only off-the-shelf OEM lanyards that work with the RECON system today.

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